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Benson Kia Service FAQs

For all those we serve and help with automotive repairs and maintenance across Spartanburg as well as Greenville and beyond we want to ensure you are able to easily get your questions answered and know more about basic vehicle care. That's why we have our FAQs to help answer common questions for your benefit so you can stay on track with your vehicle service!


What is contact-free service?

We offer you the ability to schedule service online or on the phone, and drop off and pick up your vehicle without directly interacting with the staff to avoid spread of illnesses and diseases like COVID-19.

What are the benefits of frequent service?

When you have your vehicle serviced regularly, you'll give yourself a better chance at your car lasting longer, and giving you safe travels throughout areas like Greer, Simpsonville, and Forest City.

Who do I know when it's time to service my vehicle?

You should always follow the recommended maintenance schedule from the manufacturer, or consult with our team who can ensure that you're getting the right basic services and more like oil changes, brake services, fluid, battery, and hose checks and more.

How often should I get an oil change?

We recommend getting an oil change every 3,000 to 6,000 miles depending on your driving habits and the type of oil you choose so you can ensure it's clean and everything is running properly.

How often should I check my fluid levels?

It's important to do so often, especially if you drive a lot. Certainly ask us to check when we service your vehicle as we can top you off, but generally speaking try and check often to ensure there's no fluid depletion.

How often should I change my air filter?

It's a good idea to change the air filter about once a year or when you notice signs of damage, dust or dirt that affect air flow in your vehicle.

How often should I get my brakes checked?

You should do annual or semiannual brake services to ensure the pads, pedals and rotors are in good shape, and replace your brake pads when you notice they've worn down, or about every 40,000 miles.

When should I replace my car battery?

If you notice your battery is taking longer to start up your vehicle, or is not starting, that's obviously a good reminder, but generally every three years or so is when a battery will stop taking a full charge so you should be mindful of that as you drive and when you decide to replace it.

When should I get a tire rotation?

A tire rotation helps balance the tread wear on your tires to ensure they last longer and provide good traction, so about every 5,000 miles is a good idea to rotate them so they go the distance for you.

How much air pressure should go in my tires?

You'll see on the sidewall of your vehicle how much should be added for ideal driving, so be sure to follow that number.

When should my tires be replaced?

You should replace your tires when you notice the tread is not deep, and it is creating a smoother surface, which means less traction and control.

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